We are here to help you to:

  • Lower Farm input costs and increase Farm income.
  • Change from simply being a price taker
  • Network and share
  • Combine your selling and purchasing power

How we will achieve this:

  • We will provide a low cost web based platform to allow farmers of all sizes to work together in order to achieve better outcomes in both purchasing and selling.
  • We will enable you to combine numbers and forward plans to use as bargaining tools with merchants and processors.
  • By working WITH, not against, valued farmer service and processing organizations to gain better scale and better results for farms of all sizes.

The benefits to you will include:

  • To open up the huge value of independent low cost access to markets.
  • Sourcing expertise needed by farmers best interest as the core driver to assist with getting better results Through bulk buying and tenders
  • Trust points for each member and trader for clarity with whom you deal.
  • Opportunities for smaller traders with good market access to do what they are best at and strengthen rural communities.

Features will include:

  • Free easy to use vendor price matching for quick advice on best deals available in market.
  • Farm input purchasing at much better rates regardless of farm size
  • Volume sharing to gain scale and better prices for goods
  • Sourcing requests researched prompt reply with up to date extremely competitive pricing
  • End market research with key areas being pursued to drive better on-farm returns
  • Free farmer to farmer classifieds – buy, sell, exchange, seek or give away anything.
  • Free Farmer to Farmer forums and discussions
  • Free Rural Events calendar

How much will it cost?

  • Simple cost effective flat fee annual membership model $500.00 plus GST
  • No percentages or commissions. None.
  • Agmatch does not handle farmer funds. Payments are direct between interested parties.

Farmer’s Advisory council members:

Richard Strowger

Justin Wilson

Rick Cameron

Greg Nelson

Ross Clark


Ken Algie