Prime Energy are an electricity supplier that supply nationally and operate with lower overheads.

Prime will give our members a fair and transparent quote on electricity supply – sometimes the deal you have already will be a good one and Prime will be very upfront about that, but if that rate changes make sure you refresh the quote with them. 

There are some partner options coming through that will offer better prices on pumps, solar, and refrigeration which  can make a real difference. Replacing old inefficient equipment with much more efficient gear in some cases can make a real difference to your monthly account. Prime will help identify any areas that need reviewing – transformer size and capacity can also make a big difference.

We are joining together a number of suppliers that are relevant and cost effective supplying direct without any additional margins.

The market fluctuates constantly. If you look at the wholesale rate graph, you will see it varies significantly, and depending on the time the rate is locked. It can make a HUGE difference  to your monthly bill.

(on this graph September looks like the time to lock it up)  

We will be updating this graph monthly so you can keep a track.

2019 is the yellow line.

Please note this is only one part of the potential costs that can have an effect on the various rates that retailers offer to customers.

The intent here is to show that there are market fluctuations and these can vary greatly. All retailers have to manage their various costs that effect the charges they offer to customers – these include levies, distributor and transmission costs as well as losses etc.

What we do at Prime Energy is help our customer understand the market conditions and movements so that they can make the best overall value based decision on how to improve the cost makeup of their invoicing that effects them, as well as identify efficiency opportunities to enhance further improvements for our customers.

Our commitment to complete energy health checks for your members to see if we can put them in a better place overall, and looking at the costs is part of this value proposition.

For more information, visit Lincoln’s page here where you can read more about Prime Energy and get in touch with Lincoln.