27 March 2020

HI All,

Time for an update on stock feed.

Feed is categorised as an essential supply as it is transport – so in theory it should be fine, but things are pretty volatile at the moment.

Below is the current situation. I will keep you all updated as to developments on the front page of the site or – you can sign up here to register your interest to receive an email alert when the situation changes.

There are some shortages and issues you will need to be aware of.

The situation will probably change daily.


Malaysia is in shut down I have been told by 2 suppliers until the 14th of April.
At this stage it is very possible it will be longer. This means that contracts should be honoured (if you have trouble lets know we will help if we can) but very little spot PKE available at present.

Winton Stockfeed had some on Friday, and there are other suppliers with Spot priced at $395.00 I had a quote Thursday at $409.00 and one large company did not have any and wouldn’t quote at all.

Today the $409.00 is gone and none available. Let us know if any one needs some procuring.

DDG, Corn Gluten and Blends 

These are available as at today but let us know your needs as this may change and I will see what I can come up with at the time.


Couplands have dairy blend pellets ex Timaru at $360.00 a ton 15.5% protein 13 ME. You can check that out below;

Higher spec Dairy, sheep and Beef Pellets on request. Couplands will quote based on specs required – just call me.

We can also get supplies of stockfeeds in the North Island, Southland and North Canterbury.

Grain & Straw

Grain is a good option especially with prices like these for PKE in the market. Grain really stacks up, it’s a good feed and is good for our local economy and the farmers that grow it. Compared to some other options, it gives good value for money.

Wheat is currently $365.00 on farm plus GST and freight ex Timaru and North Otago. If you are milking and feed a high quality feed like grain – you will get a better return from higher milk production. It is available at these prices now.

Barley – similar prices.

These prices can move around so will quote at the time of inquiry.

Straw – let us know and we will quote depending on availability.

Baleage Grazing – are also options if you are looking for either of these or have some available let us know and we will put the members together.
North Island we can get grain to Napier ex Timaru for a freight cost of $50.00 a ton but need reasonable time to organize freight so members will need to work ahead. If we can ship 1000 ton at a time, freight reduces to under $40.00 a ton. We can do this to Tauranga, New Plymouth and Auckland. Whangarei will be extra as additional time on the water.

Options for this will be on the site over the next couple of weeks and we will keep you all advised.

Any questions or needs you can call me on 021 337 626 or message me on Agchat

Best Wishes