The agricultural industry needed an effective lower cost, easy to use system where farmers could work together in both buying farm inputs and selling their end product, using combined numbers to gain better outcomes.

Agmatch provides exactly that in a simple smart platform.


We started recruiting members in November 2014 with no members or suppliers.  We now have well in excess of 1000 farms and outstanding suppliers offering serious savings across the board.   Some well in excess of 100k pa – an amazing return for a $500.00 plus GST investment PA.

Some examples: Any Vet only product, Vaccines, B12, capsules, Dry Cow treatments, Stockfeed sheep pellets, dairy pellets, calf meal and pellets, Fuel card and on farm delivery, Drench, Fertilizer, Insurance, rural services, Gibb Grow, Minerals, Troughs, Water tanks, Bale wrap,  Liquid fertilizer, Water pipe high and low density, and fittings, Clothing, Wool programme, Cricket bait, Clothing, Environmental solutions, Centre pivots irrigators, Gun Irrigators, Replacement pivot motors and gear boxes, Farm advisory, environmental and bio hazard advice, Utes, Tools, Fencing, Gates, Homes – both basic and architecturally designed, Open Span high grade steel sheds, and rural supplies.

Anything we don’t have listed just ask and I will find it. Contact Ken on 021 337 626 or send him an email.

By using AGMATCH as a platform to meet other members,  you will save a great deal of money. Your $500.00 will be returned very quickly with quite a few friends.

Two areas I will expand on here that are quite different to what you will normally find.

You will see VET ONLY PRODUCTS in 0ur Product Categories.  We have now successfully run a number of fulfillments on prescription Medicines with excellent results. Virtually any Vet only medicine is available you will need a prescription you will get the same products as you would through your Vet and you will save money.

One of the most valuable assets in any trading situation is a cost effective alternative. AGMATCH members are able to bargain as they always have an alternative at the right price regardless of the size of the farming operation.  Traders are getting to know that our members do have very competitive options.

Our suppliers are often lower overhead, very capable operations, but all of our suppliers are well run and extremely competitive.  AGMATCH does not add cost to the transaction and provides an effective access to market for our suppliers reducing their cost of sales and reducing the final price to our members, simple and effective.

AGMATCH started as a result of direct farmer feedback, industry research and experience.  Many years of experience trading in the market assists our farmers members in improving their financial outcomes and productivity.

What we provide is a “do it yourself” means of trading farmer to farmer, farmer to supplier, farmer to public and farmer to processor with no added costs to the transaction.  This makes the AGMATCH system unbeatable and never before seen in the industry.

AGMATCH has no intention of getting in the middle of your transactions.  Our aim is to remove the unnecessary costs that undermine the final farm gate price.  We haven’t just tweaked the agricultural business model – we have cut it down to its simplest most cost effective form by completely remodelling it.

AGMATCH is completely independent.  We facilitate business connections and trade so we are not conflicted.

What is best for our members is best for us.

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