Good branding is the key to repeat business and new business.  Good product is remembered and often spread initially by the best advertising there is – “word of mouth” from happy buyers, and then sought out by the wider market.  Branding is the way that product is identified.  Market recognition and good performance builds brands.  The really good brands start with really good product – brand image is a result of this.

There is a company in Milton – McLay Boats  this started with the owner building himself a boat as he wanted to go fishing.  It was a great boat. Some of his mates wanted one too they were so impressed by his.   Eventually he set up McLay Boats as demand kept growing.   The company now has strong sales repeat business to happy clients and a great brand.  That started with one boat made in a garage for a few fishing trips.  Many brands are built this way.  

So a brand can be built with the right recipe and attention to detail they are often built the same way as McLay Boats one person who was good at what he did, it’s a lot of hard work but well worth it.

Just stating something is good and hoping the market will take something on or continue to value it isn’t enough, it has to be worth taking on.

Some market areas in the rural have been treated like commodities when they are in fact quite unique. Farmers in order to build a market of their own need a suitable route to market that is cost effective; the process must start with a really good product that is well presented. Quality builds brands; quality and branding together build better prices and sustainable business allowing successful marketing.

A brand gets an incredibly short time in which it can be recognised as the world is so full of things to buy it is down to a fraction of a second sometimes so it needs to appeal immediately. A good test is to go to a book shop that is well laid out with good displays the best of these are usually in the city. Don’t take any notice of author just walk through the store and see which covers draw your eye use no other measure. Because they attract you it doesn’t mean they are any good but they catch your eye and at least you have a look. If it’s any good and tells you what appeals in a few concise words on the cover that’s enough. Give a thought to how many books you walked past that could well have been great books but you just didn’t notice them, that’s one of the keys of marketing don’t let that be your product.

Never underestimate your brand the look will attract the initial attention, a short concise sales pitch will get the potential buyer to look further and the content will sell it.

Never just accept what those that represent your primary products in the market place do on your behalf. Question them and do your own research so you can ask informed questions that way you get taken seriously and they will explain their rational. Your thoughts may well be extremely helpful.

At that point you can judge if they are representing you well or not. If you look at their branding and how the product will look in the market place and it doesn’t draw your eye, then possibly it will not draw the eye of those that are likely to buy it either

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