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Have You Missed Out on a Potential Insurance Claim?

80% of claims in New Zealand for trauma are for the ‘big three’ – heart disease, cancers & strokes. But we are constantly surprised at how often a claim is uncovered, months or even years, after the fact, through a simple review process and conversation, which informs us, as advisers, that there has been a health issue that should have been a claim.

For example, here’s a few we’ve come across in just the last 18 months:

Mrs A – a melanoma in the eye 5 years previously – payment $50,000

Mr B – heart attack in January 2017 which he thought wasn’t serious enough to bother claiming – payment $570,000

Mr C – small melanoma excised, disclosed when applying for an increase in cover – resulting in a partial payment of 25%, or $12,500

Mrs D – had a stroke three years ago. Felt fine, with no discernible effect really, but it was accepted a qualifying claim – payment $70,000

The point is this – if you suffer ANY sort of unusual or serious health event, it’s worth your while to contact us to see whether it might qualify under the trauma definitions you have. If you have suffered anything significant in the last few years, let us know.

It may be that it does not, but it’s certainly to know straight away rather than accidentally discovering it years later. After all, this is why you pay your premiums!

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