We have dealt with Agmatch from its initial launch and continue to put the bulk of our sharemilking business through this Company.  Peace of mind is achieved knowing Ken and his team are delivering the best possible prices on products, shopping around doing all the hard work for us.  This has lead to a huge cost saving for our business allowing us more time to focus on farming. We would definitely recommend Agmatch as a supplier for any farming business.

Brad Morton

I graduated with First Class Honours in Agriculture from Massey University in 2009. My thesis involved investigating the effect of Gibberellic acid and nitrogen on pasture dry matter yield using the commercially available product ProGibb® SG (a.i 40 Gibberellic acid). This research concluded that Gibberellic acid is another useful tool available to farmers to help them achieve the balance between feed supply and demand. My parents farm at Waihi and have been using Gibb-Gro (a.i. 90 Gibberellic acid) since last spring after previously using ProGibb® SG. I am seeing no major variation in the dry matter responses achieved with Gibb-Gro compared to those achieved with ProGibb® SG. The one difference that is noticeable between these two commercially available Gibberellic add based products however is the cost per hectare with Gibb-Gro being noticeably cheaper. We continue to use Gibb-Gro.

Wayne Hoffman

We had one meeting with Ian and found there was a number of changes we could make that improved our cover and saved us money.  With ACC, I was paying as a Dairy farmer rather than as an Office worker.  We applied for ACC Cover plus Xtra, after Ian explained to us all the benefits.  When Ian left us, we felt as if he had gone through everything with us as if we were one of his family, a very thorough job.

Anne and Mike Prattley

The insurance offer that Ian Wallace and Ark Financial Group have put together for our Agmatch members with Vero for Fire and general Asteron group for life and Accuro for health insurance is very good. All involved have trimmed their margins with Agmatch taking no form of remuneration from the policy which has allowed excellent values to be realised. There is no slight of hand just a removal of costs from the middle which has been passed on to our members.
With much improved premium outcomes for members that have proceeded with quotes. When compared with existing premiums the Agmatch quotes are realizing between 14% and 26% savings comparing like with like. With up to $20,000 for one member at the high end. We all know that insurance quotes are intrusive and many are reluctant to change because of the time and nature of the process, plus the concern that when claims are made it will be a backward step.
The insurance offer is an exceptionally good one with a number of protections in place to ensure great outcomes for Agmatch members. Ark will monitor your policies and handle any concerns you have as a part of the service.
The companies we have partnered with are high quality providers that have proven track records with good quality policies and excellent claim outcomes. Agmatch is an open community with forums and simple fast communication between members and suppliers. So no member of Agmatch is isolated unless they choose to be, any issue that shows poor performance can be posted in the forums which is visible to all members so it offers a sanction in the case of poor service but also offers the ability to applaud good service and outcomes..
We have chosen Ark as our insurance providers as they are honourable capable traders that take their clients very seriously and they offer exceptional service and values. The way they have handled quotes so far has provided superior policies and improved protection and serious savings for our members.”
There is a network of capable agents throughout the country who offer a high level of knowledge and advice.
The best way to put this is that taking the time for a review or health check on your insurances offers and extraordinary hourly rate on the time spent and is well worth your while
Any questions please feel free to contact me

Ken Algie – AGMATCH Limited
021 337 626

We found that in reviewing our insurance policies with Ian that not only did we save money if we continued with our existing insurance policies, but that we had a number of shortcomings and were not covered for key areas of our business.  Ian has also given us no stand down period in the case of a key person disability/injury which in our previous policy was a 90 day stand down period.  Working with Ian, who understood our farming business, has given us piece of mind in knowing that we have the best insurance cover at the best price.

Nic & Greg Ruddenklau
Golden Gully Farming Ltd

We have found an insurance review with Ian both personally and for our clients, results in at best a cash saving or, at worst, peace of mind that the insurance needs are met.

Grant McCulloch – DIRECTOR
James Cooke – DIRECTOR
R J Preston Ltd
P O Box 39 065
Ph:   03 3585 686
Fax: 03 3587 958

We recently had a Insurance review and have made a considerable saving because we our Agmatch members. We also received a $5000.00 ACC refund due to an incorrect classification code.  We are very pleased with our savings!

Peter and Bridget – Sheep, Beef and Dairy grazing Farmers