What $500 (+gst) a year bought these members….

These are just a few examples of actual deals that have been, and are being, transacted consistently between Members using the Agmatch Business Model

(All figures documented below are EXCLUSIVE of GST)

Sheep pellets – savings of $300.00 per ton 30 ton order total saving $9000.00

Calf pellets 20% – 10 ton  saving between $90.00 and $320.00 a ton compared to market prices at time of order total between $900.00 and $3200.00 

Fertiliser – 17 ton  saving $1785.00  

Wool – A group of Agmatch members gaining in excess of $30.00 a kilo for their 31-32 micron Lambswool in a new initiative. (for more info, contact Ken)

Insurance – Original premium $13,500.00; Agmatch premium $9995.00 – saving $3505.00 per annum

Insurance – Original premium $6132.00; Agmatch premium $4644.00 saving $1488.00 per annum

Insurance – Original premium $76,000.00;  Agmatch premium $56,000.00 saving $20,000.00 per annum

Dairy – power savings of $15,000.00

Dairy – power savings of $13,500.00

Dairy – power savings of $23,000.00

Sheep Pellets –  5 ton – savings $2350.00 

Sheep Pellets – 3 ton – savings $900.00

600 litre Spray Trailer – discounted $2193.00 

Unique fish based fertilizer – 200 litre $1050.00 – buy 2 get a 20 litre free value $220.00 (a proven product to grow your lambs and stock faster with higher value pasture)

Pour On – 2 packs of 5 litres – savings $290.00 

PKE – saving $6.00 a ton on 30.00 ton – savings $180.00 

PKE – saving  $12.00 a ton on 30 ton – savings $360.00

PKE – saving $15.00 a ton on 100 ton contract – savings $1500.00

PKE – saving $23.00 a ton on 500 ton contract – savings $1840.00

Water pipe –  1900 meters – savings $4270.00 or 40% 

Fuel – Diesel up to $0.38 cents a litre at our suppliers self-serve pump better than serviced station prices week before Christmas between Timaru and Christchurch

Pour on Drench –  5 in 1 Bovipour  – $400.00 for  20 litres

Sheep Drench  – Anthem Hi Mineral – (containing levamisole and Albendazole)  –$400.00 for 20 Litres

Cattle Combination Drench Bovaid –  (containing benzimidazole (White) and Imadazothiazole (clear) drench families compares with Arrest C) – normally $30.00 litre – this is $22.00 for the same outcome;  20 Litre $220.00 for 10 Lit

Fert Nitrogen super mix savings $80.00 a ton

Fert trace elements mix – 220 ton – savings $30,000.00

Fuel Westport member saved $0.59 cents a litre on Diesel – better than serviced pump price

Ammonium Sulphate fertilizersaving $125.00 a ton

540/65/R28 tractor tyre – brand new $1650.00

Pivot irrigators 3 x 300 meter centre pivots – saving $40800.00 per pivot or $122400.00 for the 3

Centre Pivot replacement motors and gearboxes – $450.00 

Ford ranger XL Ute – 22% discount

Galvanised steel framed kitset houses –  Fully compliant and of high quality.  For example,  a 186m² house –  $159,000 for the kitset. In New Zealand approx. $230,000 including GST erected.   There is an opportunity for Agmatch members to put their wool into made up carpets for these houses,  returning good money for the greasy wool. (for more info, contact Ken)


Ask the question for anything you may need and we will come back to you with a current Agmatch member price.

Joining Agmatch will be the best performing $500.00 plus GST you will spend on farm.

To register your interest, please complete the membership registration form online and submit.  We will get in touch with you once we’ve reviewed your application.

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The more members – the better ability we have to move our members wool products and grow our sales network both internally and externally.

The growth possibilities are endless….

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